Blue Byte Technology Custom Phone Systems

With Blue Byte’s custom phone solutions, your business can minimize the cost of regular phone installations without reducing the reliability and flexibility of your system. 

Whether in the office, on the go, or at home, you can rely on the custom phone system to transfer your business calls with the same functionality as the higher costing traditional network.  

 Blue Byte Technology offers in-house training with new phone systems to maximize your business’s productivity and environment. 

Solutions and Services 

Our custom phone solutions can gain the best quality and reliability without overpaying for your phone needs.  

One solution would be the 2Connect VoIP. This solution works by using cloud-hosted servers, which can easily receive any phone calls and transfer them to the servers installed at your business location.  

Without worrying about maintenance and upgrade costs, the 2Connect helps maximize efficiency and functionality throughout all branches of your business.  

Custom Solution Features  

Some of the key features regarding cloud-hosted servers include flexible, combinable, and customizable qualities.  Each of these features helps dramatically improve the overall efficiency of the business, without the hassle of having a phone system in every office. You can rely on the cloud-hosted servers to deliver any calls to any location.  


If you are taking calls on the go, working from home, or in the office, the mobile features from cloud-hosted phone systems can help route calls whenever and wherever you might be. We also offer SMS/Texting abilities to help clients contact you anytime that is needed. 


There are endless customization options that can help increase productivity. Some of these options include automated reminders, surveys for post-call-based conversations, interactive information and account activations, and more.  

Other Features  

Along with the above features, Our custom phone systems offer more intuitive, necessary options. These include, Dashboard and Reporting features, Voicemail, Call-handling, Auto-attendants, and Group Calls.  

Dashboard and Reporting Features 

  • Extension Calls  
  • Call record details  
  • Call recording options 
  • Inbound and Outbound volumes 


    • Notifications sent to multiple phones  
    • Voice Transcription 
    • No messages for missed calls/Unique messages for missed calls 
    • Multiple greetings for busy, no-answer, or out of office  
    • Remotes access through non-system phones 


      • Call blocking 
      • Call forwarding 
      • Call monitoring 
      • Call park 
      • Call pickup 
      • Call queing 
      • Call recording 
      • Etc. 

        Group Calls 

        • Multiple extensions for single function 
        • priority -based calling 
        • Group call recording  
        • Messaging for wait times 
        • Customizable rings  
        • Assigned login/logout code to group members 


          • Set auto-attendants to intercept calls  
          • English and Spanish announcement support 
          • Day, night, and holiday messages 
          • Messaging recording services by professionals  
          • Automatic time-based call routing  

            Our clients are guaranteed a more productive and organized workplace with top-rated qualities.  

            Contact Us  

            If you want a phone solution that can cut costs, reduce wasted business time, and limit the expense of having a phone system in each office, our custom phone solution is perfect for you.  

            Our top experts can design, install, and train your employees to understand the system. Contact us today with any questions or concerns!